How ‘The Lost Daughter’ Movie Is Different from the Book by Elena Ferrante


Minor spoilers for The Lost Daughter below.

As a movie, The Lost Daughter has the satisfyingly melancholy feel of a rained-out vacation in a dream destination. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut is a prickly examination of ambivalence towards motherhood, with an emotional heft that belies its coastal Italian setting. More than picturesque set dressing, the locale is a nod to the source material: a slim volume of the same name by Elena Ferrante, a precursor of sorts to the Neapolitan Novels that later made her famous. (Fans of those books will notice some familiar names and themes

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15 Books Being Made into Movies and TV Shows in 2022

Courtesy Penguin Random House

Every year, dozens of books are translated to the screen, whether it be in the form of a film or television show, bringing to life the rich tales we’ve adored for so long. This past year has been packed with high-profile book adaptations, including sci-fi epic Dune, Jane Campion’s neo-Western The Power of the Dog, and Lady Gaga-fronted crime thriller House of Gucci. So far, 2022’s release slate is brimming with promising adaptations sprawling across a variety of genres, ranging from beloved classics (Persuasion) to psychothrillers (Deep Water) and

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Fans React to the Series Finale of ‘Insecure’

Spoilers for Insecure ahead.

After five seasons, Issa Rae’s Insecure came to its conclusion last night, showing the trajectory of Issa Dee’s life and hinting at a long, successful future ahead of her—with Lawrence. Who Issa would end up with has been a popular topic on Twitter all year; many felt that Issa should stick with Nathan, her barber boyfriend, but he couldn’t handle the stress of Lawrence being in his girlfriend’s life.

The finale puts a strong focus on Issa’s friendships, too. Over the course of the last episode, the friend group makes an effort to keep their pact

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Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid’s Complete Relationship Timeline

British superstar Dua Lipa, 25, is one of the world’s biggest pop artists, with her mega-hit song “Don’t Start Now,” reaching number the two spot on the Hot 100 in the U.S. and U.K. And off-stage, the pop star is in a serious relationship of almost two years with model Anwar Hadid, 21.

Initially, Lipa kept her relationship private but now shares pictures of her and Hadid with her 63.6 million followers on Instagram. Hadid is no stranger to celebrity himself: He comes from a famous family and is the younger brother of supermodel sisters, Bella and Gigi.

Hadid and

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‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 Ending Explained by Lily Collins and Darren Star

Spoilers ahead.

Season 2 of Emily in Paris ends with a big question: Will Emily be in Paris for much longer? The Chicago-bred marketing whiz relocated to the French capital temporarily for work, but after some big upheavals in her professional and romantic life, her future in the city is unclear.

Throughout the season, Lily Collins’s Emily spends much of her time around the city (and the country, with visits to St. Tropez and Champagne) trying to clean up the mess she made at the end of season 1: sleeping with hot chef Gabriel, who happens to be the ex-boyfriend

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Harry Styles Is ‘Getting to Know’ Olivia Wilde’s Kids Ahead of Their One-Year Anniversary

In the time warp that is 2021, it feels equally possible that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have been together for a few months—or for all of eternity. In reality, the couple are nearing their one-year anniversary, after having initially struck up a friendship (and, soon, romance) on the set of their psychological thriller Dont Worry Darling, set to debut in September 2022.

Even after a wild year of the “Watermelon Sugar” singer criss-crossing the country for his Love On Tour set and Wilde juggling multiple film projects, the two are going strong, a source revealed to

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