Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF October 4 – 1 0, 2021

Epiphanies: incoming! Make time—and space—for some profound downloads this week. After a five-month retrograde through your twelfth house of transitions and divine inspiration, alchemical Pluto pivots into forward motion on Wednesday, October 6. While the evolutionary agent was in reverse gear (since April 27), you may have dealt with buried wounds or unhealthy habits and behavior patterns. The upside of THAT is that only when you know what you’re dealing with can you begin to heal it. Pluto is the mythical god of the underworld, and when it’s retrograde—in your esoteric twelfth house no less—it’s anyone’s guess what kind of Pandora’s box got pried opened. Hopefully you had friends and a support network to lean on when things got heavy. Now that Pluto is back on track, you can apply some of the lessons you learned and deal with people and situations from a less “compulsive” place. With any luck, you’ve gained valuable spiritual insights, sharper intuition and deeper empathy. And moving forward, you should find yourself open to taking chances, confident in your ability to set—and uphold—healthy emotional boundaries.

Also on Wednesday, the year’s only Libra new moon lands in your ninth house of travel, expansion and higher truths, putting you on a quest for more of those things in your life. You could be struck with a case of actual wanderlust, and while some Water Bearers won’t hesitate to jet off to parts unknown, others will choose to widen those horizons in a more figurative sense. New moons bring opportunities to start something from scratch. This one, in your philosophical ninth house, could inspire a return to academia, an education-based launch or maybe you’ll start blogging about your own travel (mis)adventures. A spiritual pilgrimage might be just what the doctor (or guru) ordered, but do make your safety and well-being your top concern.

All your favorite themes—love, passion, friendship and helping others—come together in one sexy stew starting this Thursday as amorous Venus lopes into Sagittarius and your communal eleventh house. This is the “Aquarius house,” so you should be in your gregarious element through November 5. Set some priorities so you don’t race off in a dozen directions at once, though! Start with romance. If that area has felt overly future-oriented for the past few weeks, choose to lighten up! Rather than grill new prospects with 20 Questions (or put them to a loyalty test), just enjoy the moment and go with the flow. This is also your tech zone, meaning you might hit the digital jackpot with a new dating app. Coupled Aquarians can revitalize your partnership by having more FUN together. Reach out to some new friendly faces even as you reconnect to your favorite social group and make some new memories.

Stuckness and stagnation begone! Starting this Sunday, things will finally move forward again thanks to the forward-facing pivot of your co-ruler, Saturn. The grounded taskmaster planet finally ends a stultifying five-month retrograde in your sign and resumes forward motion. Whether it felt like your wings had been clipped or that you couldn’t successfully launch anything new, that should be ancient history now! Saturn’s lessons always involve guarded optimism. The cosmic timekeeper wants you to keep one eye on the future even as you carefully and methodically take one step at a time. On a personal level, you might not have realized you’d been holding back emotionally. Now with Saturn charging ahead, you’ll be more open to dropping your guard and letting the right person get to know the real, vulnerable you.

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