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October 16, 2021

Lighten up on the tough love, Ram. The moon’s spat with Venus in opinionated Sagittarius tempts you to deliver a harsh “truth” on Saturday. Stop and imagine how the other person will feel when they hear your well-intended—but unsolicited—advice. Sugarcoat your message with empathy, or don’t deliver it at all. And if you’re the recipient of a smug sermon, smile politely and make your way to the nearest exit. When the Sun in Libra throws down with stormy Pluto on Sunday, you could spot an obstacle on the brink of going all in on a relationship. Are there unresolved issues you need to deal with before you take the next step? Small stuff like divvying up chores around the house and larger matters like your financial styles are all up for discussion. Don’t put this off. You’ll be glad you got it out of the way.

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