Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


As someone who’s comfortable being large and in charge, you don’t shy away from picking up the baton and chasing after your dreams. But think about how much easier (and more fun) life might be if you could pull together a dream team. On Thursday, November 4, the year’s only new moon in Scorpio charges up your eleventh house of genius, innovation and collaboration. Success is rarely a solo job, Capricorn, so why are you putting so much weight on your own shoulders? Acknowledging your limitations is a sign of strength, not weakness. Open up to your squad and your online networks to share both your ambitions and your needs. You might be blown away as you discover how many people want to learn from you. Next question: Do your visions align? If so, this could be the start of a beautifully synergistic…something. Follow your intuition and begin with a “chemistry meeting” over coffee or Zoom. New moons are starting blocks, so give yourself until May 16, 2022—the date of the corresponding FULL moon in Scorpio—to figure it all out. PS: Collaborations could manifest in exciting and unexpected ways, since that full moon is also a lunar eclipse!

Not that you have to wait that long. Friday brings a second tailwind in the teamwork department when social Mercury wings into Scorpio until November 24. If your thoughts shape your reality, this is the week to tune in to that little voice in your head. What’s it saying, Capricorn? And moreover, WHO is it guiding you toward? Perhaps you’ll even feed it some new dialogue—or rewrite some of the scripts that are on autoplay. Then, watch your outer world line up to reflect your internal sanctum. This Mercury cycle could also arouse the activist in you, firing up your desire to make the world a better place. It’s not too early to get a jump on the holiday season and its giving spirit by finding an organization or charity where your fundraising skills might be desperately needed. You may also enjoy geeking out with new apps and games or launching your own Instagram shop or TikTok feed. Mercury in your house of team spirit will attract likeminded souls—or pull you into their sphere. As you’re being reminded, there’s strength in numbers, Goat—and potentially a whole lot of fun.

Your winter love forecast may go from drizzle to sizzle this Friday, November 5 as heartthrob Venus checks in to Hotel Capricorn until March 6, 2022—an extra-long phase due to an upcoming retrograde from December 19 to January 29, 2022. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be full of ideas on how to make the most of your date nights. Let your creativity out to play. Single Sea Goats could have multiple threads going with interested (and interesting!) parties—all of whom are more-than-a-little eager to get to know YOU. Just make sure you don’t send the sexy nudes to the person you wanted to slowly woo with a love haiku. On that note, do you have a clear vision of love? This extended Venus cycle can help you define both your “desirables” and “dealbreakers.” Before the retrograde begins on December 19, you could finally get an ex out of your system and shore up your confidence to try, try again.

While you’ll have sass and sex appeal in spades, you still might prefer the Single Ladies’ Dance during these four months, utilizing your Venus-blessed charm for your own “brand.” Shoot those videos, pose for the profile pics, channel your creativity into your next great work. Consider it a long-range investment in your personal expansion.

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