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September 18, 2021

Ease into your weekend, while the languid Pisces moon floats through your fourth house of domesticity. Your usual sense of adventure might be MIA on Saturday, and that’s okay. These moonbeams are in favor of you taking refuge at Chez Sag all by your non-lonesome or with a companion of your choosing. Whether you’re getting flashes of insight about a family matter or happily strolling down memory lane, go with the flow and consider jotting things down. You might fall deep into your feels on Sunday, due to the sensitive moon’s meeting with consciousness-raising Uranus in your intense eighth house. Summon your trademark courage to explore what you might think of as dark emotions. You could find this experience to be surprisingly empowering. And if you’re moved to confide in someone you trust, let your guard down and share what’s in your heart. You’re likely to learn something in the process—and bonus: strengthen your connection!

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