Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 15 – 2 1, 2021

Lines will be drawn and crossed this week, so stay alert! Rapid-fire Mars in your twelfth house of sacrifices goes toe to toe with team-spirited Uranus in your sixth house of service this Wednesday, November 17, and you may struggle to set clear boundaries. When you care about people, you go out on a limb for them. But that can be nerve-wracking, too! Before you swoop in for the save like a superhero, do an internal check-in. Has your caring turned into caretaking—or worse, codependence? The answer is probably “yes” if you’re more worked up over other people’s problems than they are! Take a giant step back before the resentment starts to boil over. With Mars and Uranus in the most giving zones of your chart, flow that energy towards a holiday charity or an activist cause that speaks to your soul. Passing out coats to people in need will put all the personal drama into instant perspective.

By Friday, the inner cauldron should have simmered down, returning you to your default mood of positivity. With creative Venus fist-bumping pioneering Uranus in your practical houses, you’ll have momentum to tackle everyday tasks like balancing your books and whipping your workspace into shape. While you’re at it, how about some digital file maintenance? Clear out your Inbox, update your software and remove all those icons from your desktop. Still got an hour? Go shopping for healthy groceries, which doubles as a “fresh-air” break. That’s the good kind of multitasking! When you’re finished, you’ll feel organized, grounded and clear-headed. THEN go out and make merry, splurging on a special meal or bottle of wine to toast your accomplishments.


Time for a full-system overhaul and productivity reboot! Also this Friday, November 19, the year’s only Taurus full moon—an electrifying lunar eclipse—powers up your methodical sixth house and helps you rein in the chaos and overload. This is the first eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis since 2014, and it’s launching a cycle that will continue until October 2023. Your spirited sign hates to skip any fun activities or let people down, but if trying to do it all only adds to YOUR stress, it’s not worth it. There’s no shortage of parties and other gatherings, and perhaps a portion of your workload can be delegated or outsourced. Sometime during the next two weeks, take a realistic look at your to-do list and assess which things you can let go of. And explore where mess may be causing you to leak energy. If you keep searching for the same missing documents because your digital filing system doesn’t meet the definition of “system,” it’s time to bring some method to this madness. On the bright side, these lunar high beams could signal a raise, promotion or plum assignment. And since the sixth house also rules wellness, give higher priority to self-care. Make massages or other bodywork part of your regular lifestyle—and whenever possible, get to bed earlier!

And just like that, Sagittarius season is HERE! Sunday marks the official kickoff to your annual monthlong celebration as the Sun sails into your sign until December 21 and restores your vitality. In between those resting poses, you’re ready to grace the public with your presence and grant facetime to your eager fans. One thing your freedom-loving sign isn’t keen on is being held responsible for the heavy feelings of others. Dependency makes you break out in hives. Now that you’ve come out of your cave, you may realize certain friendships could use a little more breathing room. Don’t take it too far and give someone you care about their marching orders. A gentle, levelheaded conversation about your needs and theirs can right the ship.

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