Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 29 – December 5, 2021

Good luck trying to fade into the scenery this week, Scorpio! Your co-ruler, intensifying Mars, is roaring through your sign all month, and on Monday, November 29, it forms a rare and activating trine (120-degree angle) with bewitching Neptune in your fifth house of glamour and amour (and fame!). Your magnetism will be palpable, and since you won’t be able to tamp it down, make sure you’re not aiming your rays at anyone you’re indifferent to. It’ll be easy for people to mistake this big energy for some degree of affection. So if you know you’re not interested, don’t even go there a little! The flip side is that you will be in the driver’s seat when it comes to people and projects you ARE attracted to. You have the opportunity now to make a great impression—and the “work” is in finding an appropriate medium and style to deliver your message. Highly influential people could take notice of your talents before EOY, so it behooves you to leave nothing up to chance. For professional matters, write out and refine the points you want to make and get a savvy friend to vet it before you hit send.

Looking to change jobs or move up the company ladder? Let key decision makers know exactly what your 2021 wins have been. For more personal ambitions, use social media to your advantage, and ask friends to support your efforts with a share or a signal-boost. If you’re trying to make time with a new person of interest, try doing the opposite of whatever you HAVE been doing. Be a little more coy if you’ve been too “in their face,” or if you’ve been a little too cat-and-mousey, let yourself get caught! Bottom line, be open and authentic while protecting the most vulnerable piece of your heart.

Highlight Saturday in neon pink! That day marks the year’s only Sagittarius new moon—and it just happens to be a potent solar eclipse. Even better? It lands in your second house of money, security and values. This is the final eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius series that began in June 2020, and that axis won’t get activated like this for another eight years! What about your financial life needs review or revision? Now is an ideal time to prioritize this project and not drag it into the new year. New moons bring the opportunity for fresh starts, and solar eclipses pour rocket fuel on your intentions. Start by making a list of very specific goals for the coming six months—the period influenced by this lunation. For instance, do you want to eliminate your debt? Save enough for a down payment on a home? Start a retirement fund? If you don’t know exactly what you are aiming for, you’ll never know if and when you hit your target.

For some Scorpios, this may finally be the moment you research, interview and hire a financial planner or adviser. Of course, reaching your objectives doesn’t happen simply by stating them. Some austerity measures may be in order, but remind yourself they’re temporary—and, ultimately, an investment in your own future. To plump up your nest egg, put your feelers out and strategically let people know what you’re looking for. A friend or former colleague might be looking for someone with your very skill set.

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