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September 25, 2021

The vibes are prolific on Saturday, as energizing Mars forms a productive trine with structured Saturn. This cosmic momentum could propel you to new heights in your career, so carve out space to strategize about a big picture goal this weekend. A sprinkling of practical magic could help you hammer out a realistic blueprint for turning your dream into a reality. Dive into the nitty gritty and you may just manifest your way to that next major milestone! Your career gains even more momentum on Sunday, as the moon forms a driven alignment with ambitious Mars. Tired of waiting for gatekeepers to give you the green light? Blaze your own trail! Cut out lower-level intermediaries if possible and pitch the big boss on your big idea. Just make sure that you’re keeping things concise, especially if this power player has limited space on their calendar. Skip any long-winded tangents and just dive straight into the heart of the matter. By hooking people with your buzzy log line, they’ll immediately sit up and pay attention. You can fill them in on the details AFTER they’ve signed on.

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