Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 29 – December 5, 2021

Stop struggling in solitude and lean into the power and pleasure of buddying up! Whether you’re looking for a lover or an illustrator for your children’s book, you will be better, happier and more efficient working as a duo! You’ll catch a cosmic tailwind this Monday, November 29, as energizing Mars grabs imaginative Neptune as a dance partner. This rare (twice-a-year) trine helps you sync up your head and your heart and make beautiful music with someone of your choosing! Whatever kind of “passion project” you’re dreaming of, it’ll be better launched by a dynamic duo.

If you’re in an LTR, your urge to merge may be stronger than ever. This is a great day to talk less and just BE together wholly. Listen to bae’s dreams and schemes and be their number one cheerleader. (Being their critic comes naturally, but quash that instinct for both of your sakes.) Single? Where else might interesting prospects be lurking? Volunteer locally, join a new virtual community that revolves around one of your burning interests—and be engaged. Also, pay attention to quieter types who might be “hiding in plain sight.” Your soul mate could be camouflaged among one of your friend groups! If it’s a business ally or creative collaborator you’re seeking, consider starting off by hiring an intriguing candidate as a consultant and see how it flows.

This weekend, the magic happens at Chez Virgo as the year’s only Sagittarius new moon (also a supercharged solar eclipse) fires up your fourth house of home and family. Give yourself a moment to recover from too much racing, pushing and doing. Allow yourself to downshift—even to collapse if that’s what’s needed. This is the final eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius series that began in June 2020, and this axis won’t get activated to this extent for another eight years. So while your busy-bee sign might initially protest, if you’re being honest, you’ve probably been secretly waiting for a break!

This lunar lift turns the spotlights on your domestic life, especially your friends and family, and that’s what tends to get short shrift when you’re in hyper-productive mode. New moons, and particularly solar eclipses, bring opportunities to turn over new leaves and write a fresh chapter. Before you dive into that next initiative full-strength, however, take a minute to reassess your priorities. Where have you been overexerting—and who’s been getting shortchanged as a result? Don’t say you “can’t” when you really mean you “won’t.” The manifesting period for this lunation can last up to six months, so give yourself a chance to shift things around sustainably. While you’re at it, why not make time for that major decluttering mission you’re dying to tear into? Once you get rid of all the excess, you might be pleasantly surprised by what’s there to work with. And then your vision for a redecorating project will be a snap!

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